Thank you for taking time to go through our website. We specialize in piano tuning; restoring; repairing and reconditioning. Furthermore we take pride in offering a personalized service understanding the requirements of each piano. Therefore, our approach is with the view of improving the touch; tone and longevity of the piano.

Change in weather is often met with different reactions from pianos; from going out of tune to sticky keys and rattles in the action. Whatever your situation might be, we can attend to it promptly offering excellent services to a high standard. Furthermore, we carry out a comprehensive assessment of the piano while it's being tuned which will be followed by a piano email report.

We accept emergency tunings including out of hours.

Forte pianos

Forte pianos are the older pianos that do not have an iron frame. This means that they do not hold a stable tune. Therefore, need tuning more frequently. On the other hand, ¬†If you are holding a concert or if you are in need of tuning for your Forte Piano, do not hesitate to contact […]

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Garsington Opera

  We tune the pianos used at the Garsington Opera at Wormsley. Please follow their Instagram¬†or visit their website to see what the 2017 season has in store.

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Winslow Opera

We also tune for the Winslow Opera. Please visit their website to see what is coming up this year.

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