Assessment Process

An intensive piano assessment needs to be done in order to establish the condition of a piano.

This is best done while the piano is being tuned; that way every tuning pin is turned and every note played. A more accurate assessment is carried out if this is done. The assessment will also establish what work needs to be carried out to improve the touch and tone of the piano.

Piano assessment report

A comprehensive email report will then be sent to you usually within 48 hours of the assessment being carried out. The report will contain things like; the current condition of the piano; recommended work; expected result; whether the work is worth doing and the cost.

This service comes together with every tuning at no extra cost. From my experience most pianos are regularly tuned but need more than just tuning to allow it to perform at their optimum. This will allow you as the pianist to appreciate it better and be more in control. There is nothing more satisfying than playing a piano that has good response; the necessary resistance and clean tone.