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Thank you very much for the work you did on our piano. It has given it a whole new sound and feel and we are very pleased with it. You carried out the whole process extremely efficiently and effectively and with very little inconvenience to us.  I would have no doubts about recommending you to anyone.
Catherine Henderson
I am delighted with the work Theo did on my Schimmel baby grand piano. The touch is now infinitely better, allowing a far greater range of dynamics and colours. I hadn’t realised that my piano was so good! His tuning is also excellent. My piano and I look forward to his future visits!
Sam Haywood
(Artistic director) Solent Music Festival
In October 2016 Theo did work on my 1903 Bechstein upright piano (which has been in our family since
its comprehensive restoration in 1947). This involved improving the tone, making the tone crisper and cleaner and allowing the piano to resonate more. (It had become quite muffled and weak in parts.) Aligning of the hammers allowed each hammer to strike all the strings in the note without producing the distorted and uneven tone that had developed over the years, and stopped the hammers rubbing against each other and causing sticky keys.
I am very pleased indeed with this work: the piano now has a precision which I can’t recall it ever having had before, and I can for instance play trills and other ornaments with a lightness and speed which I have only hitherto been able to achieve on tracker organs or harpsichords. In addition, the tone is even and much more resonant. Theo came punctually to do this work and completed it within the promised time-scale, leaving everything perfectly neat and tidy. I am delighted with the improvement in my beloved piano (which I have played since I was a small child of 3), and would thoroughly recommend him for this work.
Cynthia Hall
“Theo gave my piano (which I had newly acquired in a bad state of repair) a full service and concert pitch tuning; he explained the work that was required and kept me informed of the progress, letting me know all the options available as he went along. He was professional, polite and punctual and responsive to my communications via email and he clearly has a passion for his work. My piano sounds noticeably better and it is much nicer to play, with the action/response of the keys now much improved. I would recommend Theo to anyone at whatever level and with whatever type of piano”
Adam Tocock
Theo was our first piano tuner having just inherited a 100 year old Bechstein. He was prompt; courteous and provided us with a comprehensive report and valuation afterwards. The piano was recently played by Elton John who commented on how wonderful the sound was.
Tim Fransham
I’ve had my Welmar upright piano tuned, refaced and aligned by Theo a few times. His incredible knowledge and skill transformed my piano, which – in turn – encouraged me to get much more use out of it. Not only does he get the job done (and amazing quickly); he provides insightful knowledge and information about how to keep the piano in great condition, because he truly cares about these wonderful and complicated instruments.
Jamie Jay
“My piano is transformed by Theo’s work on it. He showed me how its muted tone was due to the hammers not hitting the strings quite straight, and other signs of wear in its hundred year life, and he has enlivened the tone no end. The cost was reasonable too and he did it all in my home. I look forward to his final visit on this reconditioning, and to regular tuning visits.”
Victoria Mort
Theo was recommended to us; by the firm from whom we purchased our Steinway piano in October 2015. We needed someone who could both tune the piano; restore; regulate it; and who was also trained as a Steinway specialist. Theo proved to be the very piano tuner we needed.
Calm; professional and with the necessary confidence. Theo was able to explain exactly what needed doing, and was able to price it accurately from the onset. Although he lived quite far from us, he was punctual each and every time he came. He has now visited a number of times, initially to regulate and tune the piano, and then to tune the piano.
The piano needed quite a bit of regulating to improve the touch. There was a good two to three days worth of work, besides the actual tuning of the piano.
Theo worked consistently and diligently, achieving a beautiful sound. And then he came back of his own accord to fine tune a couple of notes that looked as if they might stick. Theo is an expert, not only on Steinway pianos, but also on other models. He has also tuned my Bluthner, and has a wide knowledge of keyboard styles and repertoire. Theo has a friendly and lovely disposition, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who needed a piano tuner and piano restorer.
Monique Cremnitz 
Music Advisor
I can’t recommend Theo enough if you need your piano serviced. He came to tune my piano a Yamaha upright and did a fantastic job. Subsequently he wrote me a detailed report of other ways he might improve the piano’s performance. Theo transformed my instrument. His knowledge and skill combined with a great deal of experience make him an outstanding professional and I would hire him again for further musical needs.
Ellen Emmet
I have recently had my piano tuned and overhauled by Theo. It is now much more enjoyable to play. The pedals work properly and instantly. Now that the hammers have been refaced and aligned, the tone of the piano has improved immensely. It is also absolutely spot on in tune. I can really recommend Theo’s skill and professionalism.
David Daniels
It’s an Art – Theo, is one of the best Acoustic Piano tuner (doctor) and restorers in the UK. You’ve got to connect and experience how your Piano will respond and nothing is too much…Thank you Sir
Kevin Bevas
I contacted Theo via the Internet as I needed my baby grand tuning since it was recently delivered. I found Theo to be excellent. He arrived on time and was courteous and advised on additional work for my piano.
We arranged another appointment to carry out the auxiliary work whereupon my piano was cleaned as well. He explained the whole procedure thoroughly and explained about the humidity in my room. He also will be returning as a courteous check in the next few weeks to see that everything is fine. I will await that visit. I would highly recommend Theo as his knowledge is surmountable.
Dr Farah Ramjohn