Valuation & Selling 

Whether your planning on downsizing; part exchanging or selling your piano. We can offer a fair valuation on your piano for free. Valuation is normally done at the same time that your piano is being tuned; if you ask for the service although it can be done at a different time. The factors we take into account when valuating are; the type, size, age, brand and quality of the piano. When we send out a full report of your piano, we also include how much you piano is currently worth and how much it would be worth if it was restored then sold after. All valuations are subject to the specific piano being assessed.

Factors that are taken into consideration when valuing a piano include:


The condition of the piano,

Frequency of use,

Type of piano

Value as a collector’s item

We are currently expanding our business and looking to purchase pianos that are in any condition. We are particularly interested in; Yamaha, Kawai, Kemble, Steinway, Bechstein, Bluthner & Bosendofer pianos. Below on the make word, there is a link with the different types of brands and their value. If you are interested in selling your piano; we can buy it from you but this is subject to the piano. We can offer immediate payments and also connect you to prospective dealers who might me able to facilitate further. If you are selling your piano, please send us an enquiry.

Collection of your piano

If we decide to purchase your piano; you will be delighted to know that we are able to cover cost of the transport for it’s collection.

Buying from us

We are currently not selling. However, when this changes we will update this information on our website.